The Chef Group will assist you in many aspects of food service operations. Our teams consist of experienced industry professionals who have years of service and knowledge that exemplifies the term, "been there, done that".  We also enlist strategic partners to facilitate specialised services and confirm some elements we have integrated into a project.   


Whether you are an existing operator or chain needing to improve production or profitability, we take your unique needs and goals and make them work.  We provide efficient and practical solutions to an everchanging and diverse segments of the foodservice industry.

Menu Development

Creating a menu is all about what turns on your customers to coming back for more. It should balance concept with production capabilities, traffic, ethnicities, accessible fresh ingredients and some seriously good people skills.  Our chefs have developed hundreds of menus for our clients and their own properties, with many success stories.  We start by taking your concepts and exploring the possibilities, leaving no ideas unmerited.  We then take the initial drafts to a test kitchen and tweak accordingly.

The process is a proven success as we cover: Recipe documentation, raw materials selection, costing, optimization and nutritional analysis.

Labour Optimization

The proverbial "revolving door" associated with labour is one of the more serious challenges facing management in today's operational management goals.  Whether it be minimum wage or stat holiday laws, an operational balance has to be determined between service goals and realistic profit margins.  The answer lies between technology and best practices, creating a unique program optimizes all elements for a common goal.  The Chef Group will assist in developing this goal and more.


Cost effective technologies can be key to operational effectiveness however, we at the Chef Group only implement same in relationship to the property's service concept and efficiency outcomes.  Our goal however, is to make the restaurant operator's life easier by linking service technologies as POS with general accounting.  This includes, and not limited to mobile ordering; website development; Guest Tracking; Credit Card processing and guest WiFi.


Successful branding is recognizing a unique element of differentiation which shows its strengths of the guest experience. It's about zagging while the rest of the pack continues to do the same thing over and over.

It's about instant recognition of a brand that signals personally an experience of service, quality and just plain good feelings. A great culinary business reflects emotionsthat touch your client's heart as well as their belly.

Once your brand is solidified, The Chef Group team will explore all your marketing and sales potentials to execute a solid plan to increase your leads, sales and profits.  Ah profits! It has a great ring to it.