Restaurant Management


It is no easy task launching a project given the complexities facing new owners opening a new operation, but this is where our experienced team of managers and chefs take concept to opening in their stride.  We touch every aspect, providing input in areas you require with as little or more help as require:


Our work includes, but not limited to the following:


  • Site Assessment and Business Plan

  • Concept, Brand Development and Floor Plans

  • Kitchen Design & Equipment selection

  • Menu Development and Staff training

  • System procedures and Accounting



There are two levels the Chef Group will undertake:


1.      Contractual Property Management

Ideal for single or group ownership that requires expert overseeing of their business in the following areas:

  • Management of staff from the GM downward

  • Menu changes; Staff training & Development

  • Cost controls and associated maintenance

  • Bookkeeping and Marketing

2.      Leasing of operations already in place:


  • Contractual operation of existing business, equipped

  • The Chef Group operates as private business based on rental agreement with equipment and maintenance safeguards

  • Strong reporting elements to support rental agreement


Managers and owners have the responsibility to facilitate sound fiscal management decisions based on sound financial advice.  The Chef Group has a proven bookkeeping department that exercises these requirements, together with a series of mobile reporting devices linked into the business journals.  This service can be utilized separately and or inclusive of our Management Packages.